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MAY 14-16 2019 Grand Tikal Futura Hotel And Convention Center

The only trade show in Central America that gathers the complete apparel and textile industry’s supply chain, demonstrating its capabilities and competitive advantages. The CAFTA-DR region offers high-quality garments and duty-free access to several markets, because of these, the region also focuses on having a totally integrated supply chain. Therefore, Guatemala is known to have speed to market and keep up with the evolving trends of our largest exporting market: USA. Because of these and more, Guatemala and the Apparel Sourcing Show are great places to look for new business opportunities!

On its 28th edition, the show’s dynamic and segmented exhibition floor will have more than 200 booths with over 150 exhibiting companies including textile mills, trimmings, technology, machinery, accessories, some apparel manufacturers, and much more!

The Apparel Sourcing Show also offers workshops with key information about current trends and changes in the industry, social responsibility, regional capabilities, and specific technical workshops for middle management (technology, screen-printing, etc.)

Since the exhibition floor mostly focuses on the industry's supply chain, your best platform to get to know apparel manufacturers is our Matchmaking Meeting Program. By participating in this program, we will arrange meetings that will take place per a pre-scheduled agenda with apparel manufacturing factories and in accordance with the products and quantities that you are looking to source. After meeting with possible suppliers you could discuss with them and schedule a visit to their factory. Registration COMING SOON!


Thursday May 14th 10:00-18:00
Wednesday May 15th 10:00-18:00
Tuesday May 16th 10:00-16:00

Show's organizer

What is VESTEX?

VESTEX is the Guatemalan Apparel and Textile Association that promotes exports and watches over the interests of the industry through strategic alliances and lobbying with public and private entities at a national and international level. If you want to learn more about the show’s organizer and the industry in Guatemala click HERE

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